Rockport Women’s Total Motion Tall Gore Wedge Boot

A soft fit meets lightweight stability in the Rockport Total Motion 45MM Stretch Boot. These boots are built with a TPU plate that helps provide stability and flexibility, and ADIPRENE® by adidas for all day comfort. These square toed pumps add style to any outfit, whether you are in a suit or jeans and a blazer. Featuring a JPU WEDGE that delivers lightweight shock absorption to help reduce foot and leg fatigue, a TPU outsole that provides support and stability for all-day ease, and stretch fabric that stretches as the foot moves for a great fit, these incrediable boot are sure to enhance your daily activities with sublime style and comfort. Perfect to be paired with almost any outfit. Let the Rockport Total Motion 45MM Stretch Boot become your favorite everyday companion.

Product Features

  • 45 millimeter wedge
  • Theroplastic polyurethane midsole plate provides midfoot support and stability, theroplastic polyurethane wedge provides lightweight shock absorption to help reduce foot and leg fatigue Theroplastic polyurethane Outsole: Provides support and stability
  • 6MM of retention foam which provides full foot contact and support
  • ADIPRENE by adidas & ADIPRENE+ by adidas provides shock absorbing heel cushioning and resilient forefoot cushioning
  • Stretch fabric stretches as the foot moves for great fit and comfort
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3 replies on “Rockport Women’s Total Motion Tall Gore Wedge Boot

  • Nailsgalore

    Best Boots EVER!! For Wide Calves I have big calves and boots are always so hard to find! But not anymore, I was browsing on Nordstrom and found these boots, but figured I should look for a better price. PERFECT Amazon had it for a cheaper price and they were having the 20% discount. The back stretches perfectly. I wear it with stockings, leggings, and pants (I usually hate when the pants bunch up on the top of the boot). Not this case! It is also very comfortable. I bought three more pairs.

  • ddvfam

    Don’t size up, even if you plan to use with thick socks. Lovely, however ordered up 1/2 a size and it was a mistake. I’m 5’4″ and the boots reach almost to my knee, wouldn’t be useful if I were an inch shorter. The calves are slightly less than 15″ circumference, I would have to wear with leggings or tights for them to fit well. If you intent to use with other pants, take it into consideration.

  • Kimberli Gertz

    Soooooo comfortable! OK, these are not the date night boots we all dream of, but I work on my feet all day, and these shoes are comfortable after 9-10 hour shifts! They don’t sweat like many leather boots can, and they look good with skirts and over skinny pants. My only complaint is that the stretch panels for wide calves could have been designed with material closer to the suede on the other panels. But for a workday winter boot, I HIGHLY recommend these shoes!


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