Rock Me Men’s Thicker Wool Leather Flat Waterproof Ankle Snow Boots III

Rock Me the third generation snow boots – inside use classy kose plush, thicken and more warmth. Not only is style good looking,but also comfortable and all match. It is suitable for all ages. You buy one and give it to spouse,parents, children, friends and family. Whoever you send it all will be a nice gift. In this cold winter the snow boots is sent warmth to him. The shoes are lovers’ style.

Product Features

  • Top material with excellent craftsmanship.
  • Waterproof, Dry, Skid, Wearable.
  • Outsole. It is the groove design to keep strong grip in snow days. Skid.
  • Suit for indoor and outdoor. Wearable. Waterproof leather upper helps to keep feet dry.
  • Stylish Look with the quality design. Wonderful prepared for Christmas gifts.
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3 replies on “Rock Me Men’s Thicker Wool Leather Flat Waterproof Ankle Snow Boots III

  • spencer

    Really furry but not the right color I was excited to see these boots arrive earlier than when Amazon had expected them to. It would have been about a month wait since it distributed from China. It took about 1-2 weeks for it to get here though. The boots themselves fit comfortably are really, and I mean really, furry (all in the inside and not just the outer rim like I was worried it might have been), and look like the picture… for the most part. Unfortunately, the boots I ordered (brown) came in a much more different shade…

  • Giacomo C. Sabella "G'mo"

    Not as great as I thought Doesn’t seem waterproof, but I’ll find out when it rains & snows. The lining of the left boot has a crease in it that can be irritating because it wasn’t correctly sown in & can’t be smoothed out without destroying the boot. I do like the look of the boot though


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