Circa Joan & David Women’s Takara Suede Wide Calf Boot

Takara is a sassy tall boot with buckle detail and a full length side zipper entry.

Product Features

  • Soft snakeskin is sandwiched between a smooth leather cuff
  • heel and toe in this attractive display of contrast.
  • Suede
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3 replies on “Circa Joan & David Women’s Takara Suede Wide Calf Boot

  • Lindiana

    WIDE CALF This boot must only come in wide-calf because that wasn’t a choice when ordering. I wear “short” pants (when I can find them) and with my first try-on I thought that this boot was going to be too tall. It was hitting the back of my knee. I also think they run big. I probably could have ordered a half-size down. 

  • Oklahoma girl

    Meri@Edmond,Okla. I love this boot. I have several pair of Joan & David and have loved them. This new pair is as great as my old ones. I have bunions and also have muscular calves so it is hard to find boots or any shoes that are comfortable. I love these.

  • Accidental Exerciser

    Great Style, Lacking Sole, Bait & Switch? I saw these boots in a local store, but they didn’t have my size due to end of season. I was happy to find these online with a better price. However, the order was filled with wide calf boots, which I was not expecting. If your calves are not muscular you will most likely be disappointed with the looser fit. The sole is entirely man made and advertised as such. Rubber would have been nicer given the price of the boots. I like them enough to keep them because they really do have a great look and…


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